Wednesday, September 26, 2012

well hello

Almost all settled in the new place minus a few small repairs still needed... like PAINT! Its all good wanted to move into a painted house,but hey whatever its almost complete. We still need dinning room chairs, patio furniture and thats about it. There is still so much dust in the house due to all the repairs not being complete which does not help with my allergies. Well besides being all settled I have done some "house cleaning" and not just getting rid of old , unwanted stuff... I have gotten rid of old, unwanted PEOPLE! Yup this is a new chapter in my life and some negative people are not welcome. Yes that may sound harsh, but I feel why cushion it? I am blunt, straight forward and always have been. 
We all know that I do things unconventionally, so why make rude remarks about it behind my back? Do I talk bad about how you are a lemming and follow what society tells you to do? No I do not... I believe each person makes the right choice for themselves. If we were all alike how would there be diversity? How would we be challenged? How would you fall in love? Without getting into detail I will just say Thank You for the time we have spent together, and I wish you all the best in the years to come.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Been up in the clouds!

Yes it has been way too long since my last blog. I have been a busy bee with my shop and some custom orders (which I LOVE doing), creating the new line of Anklets and trying to pack for the move. Its crazy to think that last year I moved to south Florida and opened my etsy store and I have met some wonderful, talented individuals, became a team leader for the handmade circle, and just have grown overall. So many many thanks to all of you!!

Well here are some of the custom orders I did...

This was an eyeglass necklace for Marsha. It was my first one and I had so much fun making it that I decided to add these to my shop!
 (owner of Bags By Hags )

 This necklace is just one of the items I made for Kelly . She sent me a bag of beads and let me basically have fun with it!

Well this was inspired by the eyeglass necklace. Sophia from Sophies Hats wanted something to hold her scissors. All she said was Red and any color except green! Here is her shop link

Now besides these amazing custom orders I decided to dabble in anklets and boy are they a hot seller! Here are a few but if you want to see more check them out in my shop

I am currently offering 22%off for my 1 year anniversary with the code 1YEAR.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So many times we pass off doing things laundry, making a call etc... and say ehhh I will do it tomorrow. Well what if tomorrow never came for you?
 You should ask yourself these questions today...
1- Have I accomplished enough in my life that if tomorrow never came I would have died happy?
2- Have I been kind enough to those in my life?
3- Have I said I love you to those important people in my life?
4- Have I made a difference?

I ask myself these questions and can't help but wonder if you ask yourself these questions too, or if you are that ignorant and miserable in your own life  that you are blind and can't see....

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Yesterday was a crap day and all of my pals reminded me that today was going to be a new day. It sure is and its Friday!! Even though my son has been awake since 7 am which is not the norm we have been very productive. With all the bull drama going on in my life that is trying to pull me down I decided to think of all the things I love.

**** these are in no particular order so stop the drama madness!!!****

1 My Husband and Son... awesomeness
2 My mom... even though well you know
3 My dogs... their smelly paws
4 The ocean... just sitting and watching the waves crash
5 Nature... even dirt!
6 Art... especially art that speaks to me
7 The moon... the super moon was amazing and it was on my bday
8 True Friends ... you know opposed to fake ones ;)
9 Being creative... its frustrating when I have a creative block, but it flows its amazing
10 Music... oh yes music makes my world complete xoxox

Yes there are many more things that I love, but I can't give them all away heehee. I can however show you some really cool handmade  and vintage items that I love and know that you will all love too.

Wooden Ear Plugs - 1 inch (2.54 cm)  Wooden Cut Out Boho Button
How cool are these ear plugs? Makes me wish I had ear plugs!! You can find more unique accessories here

Floral Halo Crown- Turquoise, White, and Grey -Whimsical vintage Renaissance
I absolutely adore this and would totally rock it!
Vintage Industrial Card Catalog Cabinet 26 Drawers and Pull Out Tray
I would use this to hold my art supplies.
Wood family brunch Kitchen wooden little people set.
I love wooden toys and so does my son. We could play with this for hours ;)
Mature World Atlas Adult Woman's Nude Body Tattoo Giclée Art Sew on 3 x 4in. Twill Patch Rare Sizes Free S/H MBG

The world as art <3

Ok Ok I should get back to doing house chores ( which I do not Love )

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How is my day going you ask?

Hmmmm lets see I woke up to dog pee and vomit yay! Cleaned that up, changed my son who refused to be changed and screamed the entire time, walked the dogs, and then came back in and turned the coffee on for me. Oh what do you know another dog that I just took out decided to poop on the floor! Go clean that up and begin to figure out what my son wants to eat for breakfast. He decided on oat bran cereal so we sat on the couch because god forbid he will sit in his high chair anymore and he ate his cereal WOOHOO! When he is done he decides to fling his bowl on the floor so great another thing I get to clean up within the span of 30  minutes. Coffee is ready and still haven't grabbed a cup, nor anything for myself to eat. All done cleaning up the milk mess off the floor and my son is throwing a temper tantrum because he wants the bowl and spoon that he just threw on the floor yay! What do I do? I redirect... damn I am good at that, but it sure does get tiring. By the time I am done with redirecting and playing with him its been an hour and I still haven't had my coffee or breakfast. I say screw it and take a shower. My son decides to join me in the shower ( this is a new thing ) he had a good time, but refused to come out and get changed Go figure! This boy would rather be naked, well I would too. It is now lunch time and I still haven't had my breakfast and coffee. Time to get his food ready. he picks apple, pasta, grapes and cheese to eat. Hmmmm guess what he actually ate? Nothing gave it all to the dogs who then proceeded to vomit it back up yay! So I clean up the floor, walk the dogs again and try and get some etsy time in for me. This is not happening he is typing on the keyboard so I say never mind.  We play some more and then its time for his nap. Guess who is refusing to sleep ? On top of my wonderful non productive day, I am thinking about my family who doesn't get me, my shop that is in the crapper and how I need another vacation. Wow its only a little after 2 I sure can't wait to see how the rest of this wonderful day goes!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Here I go again writing about my life to a bunch of "strangers" BAHAHAHAHAHA...

Just got back from an amazing birthday vacation on Royal Caribbean's Oasis . I surely did not want to come back, but I guess I will make the best of it ;)   Here are a few pic enjoy...

Here I am sporting my grey stash at formal dinner night. The hubby and I dolled up in 50's attire it was a blast.

 This is a pic one of our friends took off their balcony. The view was amazing minus that Carnival ship ;)

My son and I playing in the Ocean at St. Thomas

Daddy and son time ( St. Thomas )

Yup I breast feed in public!

Sexy right?!

Well he found interest in our toothbrushes. Mine is the one in his mouth LOL

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A message from John Richard!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Up down and all around

What do you do when you need to refocus? Sometimes listening to good tunes like some Ziggy Marley, Smashing Pumpkins or even Mazzy Star helps, but not always. Then I try the artistic route... yeah but what if that is your issue?? Long walks, fresh air, chatting with a good friend etc... What if you have tried all your normal meditations and nothing is working? You still feel like you are being pulling in every direction including directions you didn't know were possible.
Is this just a simple slump that I can get over, or is this one of those big ones? That happened to me after I moved from Sarasota to Boynton Beach Florida. I only created art for my students as examples and nothing for myself. It wasn't until my father passed away I had some inspiration and a clear head
( which is odd.)  Then POOF it was gone and I almost had a nervous breakdown.
Yes I have an amazing husband ( don't tell him ), and the most kick ass kid in the world, a roof over my head, food in my belly, a pretty decent  business and good friends, but yet there is a void. Not to mention feeling like I am being pulled in 100 directions at once, and then I feel horrible when I don't accomplish everything.
Gosh even my thoughts are all over the place!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pushing Buttons

I tend to push certain peoples buttons, and I must say I am very good at it ;) Okay Okay maybe I should be so proud heehee. Instead I will be proud of these items made from buttons...
Forest Green and White Cute as a Button Vintage Earrings
These darling button are from Sophia from Sophies hats . Here is her shop link
Now she makes some wonderful hats and bracelets and couldn't find a use for these awesome buttons and sent them my way ;)

next up are these cute country style heart button earrings
Multicolored Heart Shaped Button Earrings

These are just too darn cute ( so cute I almost kept them for myself )

This next choker is a mixed media necklace that has you know what BUTTONS!!
Vintage Button choker necklace with teal pearl and gold- OOAK ETSY TREASURY

Last but certainly not least is one of the two button necklaces I made using wire and a shoe lace!
Bold Vintage Button Upcycled Necklace- OOAK Etsy treasury item

Its time to move on

So this past year my husband took a job in South Florida so we could be closer to my family. We thought since  we just had our son it would be nice for them to be in his life more often. You would think that us uprooting our family to come be closer with the entire family would show them how much this means to us right? They knew this would be for only a year and that I was going to be a stay at home mom, so my schedule was/is pretty flexible. How many times do you think they came down to visit me? How many times do you think my mom ,my sons Nana came to sleep over? How many times do you think one of my family members came over to watch my son so I could go have an adult night out? Am I bitter? why yes... Am I disappointed? why yes... Am I surprised? NO not at all...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mommy, Mom, Mother

I absolutely Love my mom, but she sure knows how to push my buttons.  Are all mothers like this? You know where they make you feel bad for the life choices you have made? Sometimes I wonder will I ever please her?
Well regardless it is Mother's Day soon so here are some awesome gift ideas from my shop...
Pink White and Clear Asymmetrical Mixed Media OOAK Beaded Bracelet- Etsy treasury
Purple Pink Green and Silver Mixed media ooak Bracelet wilth hearts and moons- Etsy Treasury
Blue and White Chunky Ceramic and Shell Beaded ooak  upcycled necklace- Etsy Treasury
Celtic Inspired Cross Pendant with Chunky Dark teal and wooded beads OOAK necklace

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I am tired, some what lost and lazy... thats okay no need to do the 100 loads of laundry, or sink full of dishes. Ehhh the dogs can walk themselves right? So I sit here at my computer while my son is snoozing next to me and  I write a blog on how lazy I am WOW!!! Ok Ok maybe I should promote? Or maybe I should make something so someone will feel the urge to shop me? Nope i'd rather sit her typing random crap. Yea today is a blur hahahahahahaha :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shop Local and Fresh

Yes I love my fruits and veggies, but what I love even more is when they are grown locally and organic ;)
Just a few pics of my new produce in my fridge... I know you wanna DROOL

Fresh yellow squash, Zucchini, Yellow Red and Orange bell peppers, and Fresh Oregano Cilantro and Parsley.
Containers are BPA free and contain my dogs food. Yup they eat veggies too!! Actually everything on the top shelf is organic including the milk, beer and Oj. Next shelf not so much that's hubbys shelf ;)

Yummy Cucumbers which my son LOVES, green bell peppers, apples, lemons and limes. So when I crave that midnight snack which I do I have lots of healthy items to pick from.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rock Scissors Paper!

I have a love for anything made from or with paper. Here are some talented team mates that have some pretty killer paper crafts,tags, cards you name it!

 First up is Angelene Flowers from Paper Pastiche. I have purchased a few OOAK cards from her. I must say that I am being very selfish by not using them ;) Here is the link to her shop and a few cool items that I wouldn't mind having ;)

Bird & Butterfly Tags Set of 3 Handstamped Tea-dyed Vintage Shabby 5 1/4 x 2 5/8"  Series 1

Next up is Mynda Nissen she owns Aloha Cookie Girl. Not only is she the sweetest gal, but her tags are AMAZING.

Here is the link to her etsy shop and a few items I WANT heehee ;)

SIX Bees and Blooms Turquoise Royal Magenta All Occasion Blank Inside Mini Gift Card Tags

FOUR VW Microbus Retro Hawaiian Style Yellow Hibiscus Palm Trees Handmade All Occasion Gift Tags
FOUR Tie Dyed Anime Birds Paislies Lime Green Orange Cream Handmade All Occasion Gift Tags
Last but certainly not least is Julie Walters owner of J's Crafty studio. Now I haven't yet purchased from her,but I will be shortly ;)

Handmade Vintage Paper Flowers, Large  Vintage Dictionary  Flower
Coin Envelopes Hand Stamped Vintage Ad Coin Envelopes
Handmade Vintage Looking Paper Flowers Spiral Scallopped flowers

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Talents hidden in the rough

Being creative and trying to make money at the same time is so competitive. There are always at least 10 other people making something similar to what you make. What do you do to get noticed, or do you continue to stay living on the back burner? Believe me I have thought many a times to shut my business down, but then I start thinking positively. This blog is dedicated to some of my favorite shops and people who are all around AMAZING, and I think the rest of the world should know it :)

First off is Jayne Willis from Twiggy and Opal

I can still remember my first interaction with Jayne on the Handmade Circle Group on facebook. I was looking for shops with less than 10 sales to help promote. She had 9, so I started a team challenge to promote her shop. I have purchased I believe 9 items from her shop... maybe more because her products are unique,crafted very well, and she is a great business woman and friend now. Here are a few items I have purchased from her. I know you want to drool ;)

Modern Kitchen Towel - Teal and Green
Baby Blanket Quilted Flannel Apples
Blue Card Case / Business Card / Gift Card Fabric

Next up is Red Weaver from Go Green With Red

Red is a firecracker and such a sweetheart at the same time. I started chatting with her on Etsy Bnrs and instantly fell in love with her. I obviously looked up her shop and was like WOWZERS . Her bags, aprons etc... are made with some really cool fabrics. We chat all the time and help one another with "new ideas" which is great since most people don't really wanna help others advance. Here are a few items i've purchased from the lovely Red ;)

Fabric Passport cover with FREE shipping
Funky half apron

Okay now most of you know I LOVE Dinosaurs right? Well if you didn't now you do! This next gal helped me with my dino obsession ;)

Sarah Yetter from Sarahs Fab Creations

She has such a variety of products and are all crafted perfectly. I have asked Sarah for so many custom orders and she has completed them above and beyond my expectations. Here are a few of the kick ass items...
Custom Dino Fabric Basket order for Dora:)
Custom Wet Bag Order For Dora:)
TINY Sized Seed catalogue print / keychain / zipper pouch / bag       Featured in Etsy Treasury

As you can see all three sew and I have purchased from all three, and I will continue to purchase from them. Even if there are multiples of you making similar items you will STAND OUT in some way or another.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Abstract , Modern , Minimalist , Surrealism are NOT dirty words!

Why is it that I encounter people that don't think what I create is art? What I need to draw a still life and self portrait to get credit? Well screw that! I have a fond love for illustrators, but that sure as hell isn't me. I get comments like " well can you not draw real things?" Ummm are you really asking me that ridiculous question? Art should speak to you regardless if it is representational or non representational. Not all art appeals to everyone, just like styles of homes, fabrics, foods, cars etc... Instead of criticizing what you don't like or understand EMBRACE IT!!

here are my newest pieces
Shades of Blue Diptych in Circles and Pointillism OOAK- Etsy Treasury
Imagination Series Colorful Mixed Media OOAK- Etsy Treasury

Now for some older works