Saturday, March 31, 2012

Talents hidden in the rough

Being creative and trying to make money at the same time is so competitive. There are always at least 10 other people making something similar to what you make. What do you do to get noticed, or do you continue to stay living on the back burner? Believe me I have thought many a times to shut my business down, but then I start thinking positively. This blog is dedicated to some of my favorite shops and people who are all around AMAZING, and I think the rest of the world should know it :)

First off is Jayne Willis from Twiggy and Opal

I can still remember my first interaction with Jayne on the Handmade Circle Group on facebook. I was looking for shops with less than 10 sales to help promote. She had 9, so I started a team challenge to promote her shop. I have purchased I believe 9 items from her shop... maybe more because her products are unique,crafted very well, and she is a great business woman and friend now. Here are a few items I have purchased from her. I know you want to drool ;)

Modern Kitchen Towel - Teal and Green
Baby Blanket Quilted Flannel Apples
Blue Card Case / Business Card / Gift Card Fabric

Next up is Red Weaver from Go Green With Red

Red is a firecracker and such a sweetheart at the same time. I started chatting with her on Etsy Bnrs and instantly fell in love with her. I obviously looked up her shop and was like WOWZERS . Her bags, aprons etc... are made with some really cool fabrics. We chat all the time and help one another with "new ideas" which is great since most people don't really wanna help others advance. Here are a few items i've purchased from the lovely Red ;)

Fabric Passport cover with FREE shipping
Funky half apron

Okay now most of you know I LOVE Dinosaurs right? Well if you didn't now you do! This next gal helped me with my dino obsession ;)

Sarah Yetter from Sarahs Fab Creations

She has such a variety of products and are all crafted perfectly. I have asked Sarah for so many custom orders and she has completed them above and beyond my expectations. Here are a few of the kick ass items...
Custom Dino Fabric Basket order for Dora:)
Custom Wet Bag Order For Dora:)
TINY Sized Seed catalogue print / keychain / zipper pouch / bag       Featured in Etsy Treasury

As you can see all three sew and I have purchased from all three, and I will continue to purchase from them. Even if there are multiples of you making similar items you will STAND OUT in some way or another.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Abstract , Modern , Minimalist , Surrealism are NOT dirty words!

Why is it that I encounter people that don't think what I create is art? What I need to draw a still life and self portrait to get credit? Well screw that! I have a fond love for illustrators, but that sure as hell isn't me. I get comments like " well can you not draw real things?" Ummm are you really asking me that ridiculous question? Art should speak to you regardless if it is representational or non representational. Not all art appeals to everyone, just like styles of homes, fabrics, foods, cars etc... Instead of criticizing what you don't like or understand EMBRACE IT!!

here are my newest pieces
Shades of Blue Diptych in Circles and Pointillism OOAK- Etsy Treasury
Imagination Series Colorful Mixed Media OOAK- Etsy Treasury

Now for some older works

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I can still remember that afternoon drive home from my weekend away like it was yesterday.  Driving very fast because my boyfriend at the time was driving me nuts, and I just wanted to get home. Anyone who has driven on  Alligator Alley knows that there is a (or was) a stretch of driving with no area to stop. So here I am driving like a bat out of hell when all of a sudden I see a young boy maybe 9 or 10 years old walking on the side of Alligator Alley holding something and covered in blood from the neck down. I pull over from the fast lane and stop the car, jump out leaving the keys still in the ignition and run towards him. Once I get close enough I see what he is holding... a baby. I never thought my heart would stop like it did at that moment. Cars are still flying by and not one person stopped. The boyfriend went to see what happened, where he came from etc... Turns out his mom was driving, someone cut her off and their car flipped. Everyone that was in that car was flung out of the car. The mom was dead, the teenage boy had a broken leg, the 3 year old girl was yards away from her car seat which was broken in pieces, and then the two that I was interacting with. The boy was covered in blood, but it wasn't his it was his baby brothers. I immediately took the child in my arms, brought the young boy back to my car, as well as the 3 year old. We gave them water to drink and I just kept trying to flag someone down. Back then cell phones weren't a big deal. Finally this man in a BMW pulls over opens his passenger window and hands me his car phone. He dialed 911 let me talk and then drove away. Here I am covered in blood trying to be strong for these kids who just lost their mom to a hit and run accident. That child never left my arms until the helicopter took him away to the hospital. He was hardly breathing and I was hoping that he would make it. I just kept thinking of all the people before me that didn't stop and what selfish aholes. My drive home after that was slow very slow, and I just wanted to hear if he made it... he didn't make it. It saddens me to this day that people are scared to help others. Why is that? When did we all become less human?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time is on my side

I have absolutely no clue what day it is and I am perfectly happy about that! My days sometimes mesh into one and I end up missing an entire week, but i'm still okay with that. How does one rely on time? Time sucks... there is never enough when you need it and too much when you don't want to be "dealing with that" situation. I own probably 6 watches all very cool and unique, but do I wear them? NOPE they sit in a box or on top of my dresser. So for all of you that are stressed out about getting things done DON'T. You will get everything accomplished at the appropriate "time."

Now enjoy some cool art

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Struggles

We all struggle within life. Some overcome these struggles while others don't , or wont. For 15+ years I was misdiagnosed with having MVP ( mitral valve prolapse ). One would probably be super pissed off finding out that they didn't have this heart murmur, but me no way. This wrong diagnoses changed me for the better. How you say? Well when I was younger I was HOT tempered, super stubborn, very negative, and took "life" for granted. I began enjoying the simple things like nature, cloud formations, rainy days, spending time with my family and friends, and creating like a mad woman. I soon started understanding that money wasn't everything, and didn't create happiness. You create your own happiness... You and You alone. Many laugh or snicker at me and my way of living, thinking, creating and being, but what they don't understand is I am HAPPY.  My change in attitude helped me through my cervical cancer, the passing of my father, giving birth to my son, and hundreds of more things. To struggle in life and overcome those struggles is very rewarding. Focus on the positive, Focus on tomorrow, Focus on LIVING YOUR LIFE.