Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I can still remember that afternoon drive home from my weekend away like it was yesterday.  Driving very fast because my boyfriend at the time was driving me nuts, and I just wanted to get home. Anyone who has driven on  Alligator Alley knows that there is a (or was) a stretch of driving with no area to stop. So here I am driving like a bat out of hell when all of a sudden I see a young boy maybe 9 or 10 years old walking on the side of Alligator Alley holding something and covered in blood from the neck down. I pull over from the fast lane and stop the car, jump out leaving the keys still in the ignition and run towards him. Once I get close enough I see what he is holding... a baby. I never thought my heart would stop like it did at that moment. Cars are still flying by and not one person stopped. The boyfriend went to see what happened, where he came from etc... Turns out his mom was driving, someone cut her off and their car flipped. Everyone that was in that car was flung out of the car. The mom was dead, the teenage boy had a broken leg, the 3 year old girl was yards away from her car seat which was broken in pieces, and then the two that I was interacting with. The boy was covered in blood, but it wasn't his it was his baby brothers. I immediately took the child in my arms, brought the young boy back to my car, as well as the 3 year old. We gave them water to drink and I just kept trying to flag someone down. Back then cell phones weren't a big deal. Finally this man in a BMW pulls over opens his passenger window and hands me his car phone. He dialed 911 let me talk and then drove away. Here I am covered in blood trying to be strong for these kids who just lost their mom to a hit and run accident. That child never left my arms until the helicopter took him away to the hospital. He was hardly breathing and I was hoping that he would make it. I just kept thinking of all the people before me that didn't stop and what selfish aholes. My drive home after that was slow very slow, and I just wanted to hear if he made it... he didn't make it. It saddens me to this day that people are scared to help others. Why is that? When did we all become less human?


  1. These things always baffle could you NOT stop if you see something like this??? Bless your heart for stopping and helping the way you did.

  2. yea it still boggles my mind... people are heartless