Saturday, March 31, 2012

Talents hidden in the rough

Being creative and trying to make money at the same time is so competitive. There are always at least 10 other people making something similar to what you make. What do you do to get noticed, or do you continue to stay living on the back burner? Believe me I have thought many a times to shut my business down, but then I start thinking positively. This blog is dedicated to some of my favorite shops and people who are all around AMAZING, and I think the rest of the world should know it :)

First off is Jayne Willis from Twiggy and Opal

I can still remember my first interaction with Jayne on the Handmade Circle Group on facebook. I was looking for shops with less than 10 sales to help promote. She had 9, so I started a team challenge to promote her shop. I have purchased I believe 9 items from her shop... maybe more because her products are unique,crafted very well, and she is a great business woman and friend now. Here are a few items I have purchased from her. I know you want to drool ;)

Modern Kitchen Towel - Teal and Green
Baby Blanket Quilted Flannel Apples
Blue Card Case / Business Card / Gift Card Fabric

Next up is Red Weaver from Go Green With Red

Red is a firecracker and such a sweetheart at the same time. I started chatting with her on Etsy Bnrs and instantly fell in love with her. I obviously looked up her shop and was like WOWZERS . Her bags, aprons etc... are made with some really cool fabrics. We chat all the time and help one another with "new ideas" which is great since most people don't really wanna help others advance. Here are a few items i've purchased from the lovely Red ;)

Fabric Passport cover with FREE shipping
Funky half apron

Okay now most of you know I LOVE Dinosaurs right? Well if you didn't now you do! This next gal helped me with my dino obsession ;)

Sarah Yetter from Sarahs Fab Creations

She has such a variety of products and are all crafted perfectly. I have asked Sarah for so many custom orders and she has completed them above and beyond my expectations. Here are a few of the kick ass items...
Custom Dino Fabric Basket order for Dora:)
Custom Wet Bag Order For Dora:)
TINY Sized Seed catalogue print / keychain / zipper pouch / bag       Featured in Etsy Treasury

As you can see all three sew and I have purchased from all three, and I will continue to purchase from them. Even if there are multiples of you making similar items you will STAND OUT in some way or another.


  1. Great post Dora and I agree these are some of my favorites. Twiggy & Opal makes beautiful custom baby blankets and quilts among other things, and the clutch I bought from GoGreenWithRed is so well made and functional. I have not bought from SarahsFabCreations YET but I love her custom storage baskets. Congrats to all you talented ladies!

  2. Thank you so much for this awesome post! I am so honored! I appreciate the love, the business, but most of Dora! You are an exceptional woman and I am happy to have you as a friend!

  3. The are some very awesome shops!!! ..and really wonderful ladies (you included, dora!!) ♥

  4. I look forward to reading your blogs, Dora!

    I'm still in love with stunning quilt I bought from 'Crazy Jayne' and the three business card holders. She's a true seamstress when it comes to sewing!

    Sarah's work is wonderful as well. Ya gotta love the dinosaurs!

    I like your work as well. It's unique and my kinda style! Can't please everyone, so you gotta please yourself - know what I mean? :-))


  5. Wonderful post! Each shop is so deserving of the spotlight they have been given. Such talented folks, such good people, and so glad you are all not just my team-mates but my friends as well♥♥

  6. Thanks so much Dora for your kindness! You are an awesome artisan as well! So glad I was able to meet you and many others through HMC!