Thursday, March 29, 2012

What a deal

So my etsy shop has  been open for 9 months and its had its normal ups and downs. With that being said some of my lovely's need a new home :) And they are all under $13 what a steal!!

Metal Verses Wood Necklace OOAK Clearance
Orange Bohemian Choker  Necklace - ooak clearance
Chunky Green Upcycled OOAK clearance Choker -ETSY TREASURY
Shell Rush OOAK Clearance Necklace- Etsy Treasury item
Turquoise and Burgundy  Jasper Stone Pendant Necklace- OOAK ETSY TREASURY
Pink Pearl and Blue Glass Beaded Bracelet-ETSY TREASURY OOAK
Earthtones in Brown Mustard and Orange Beaded Bracelet-ETSY TREASURY OOAK