Monday, April 23, 2012

Mommy, Mom, Mother

I absolutely Love my mom, but she sure knows how to push my buttons.  Are all mothers like this? You know where they make you feel bad for the life choices you have made? Sometimes I wonder will I ever please her?
Well regardless it is Mother's Day soon so here are some awesome gift ideas from my shop...
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  1. Funny - I think that is pretty much universal, Dora. And it goes both ways, because my daughter absolutely knows how to push my buttons and WHICH buttons are the most irritating! Haha! You need to have a little girl - then you'll know about that side of it, too!!

  2. A good daughter always worries, just a little at least, whether she is pleasing her mother or not. The mark of a great mother is one who has a daughter willing and able to not only march but to bang on her own drum...

  3. I'm sure the next child will be a girl and I will be doomed with a little sass box like me AHHHHHH!

  4. My mom is still upset I dropped out of pharmacy school to follow my artistic side instead. She always points out that I drive an Aveo, not a Town Car, or that I dye my own hair instead of going to a salon...
    But I am one of those weird people that would rather be broke but happy than miserable and wealthy. I love my mother, but WOW we couldn't be more different!

  5. Stef I am just like you. I keep trying to explain to my mom ( and family ) that money doesn't create happiness, and that I am happy with my 2002 VW , buying clothes from goodwill etc...
    I lived in a 1 bedroom condo for a few years and heard daily "how come you live in such a small place?" um because I like my small 1 bedroom condo with a hubby , 3 dogs and a kid! LOL

  6. Lovely Mother's Day choices Dora! I love reading your blog posts and am finally following you now:)

  7. Hi Michelle ;)
    Glad you enjoy my random rants

  8. Don't get me started on my mother;)

  9. I guess my Mother is the exception. She never pushed mine, but I sure did hers. I knew her better than she knew me. :-) Not a bad thing. I certainly wish she was still here, perhaps she would have learned my buttons and given me my just dues!! I still pick up the phone every-once-in-awhile to talk to her. Wow, I loved her!

    Now, our son, on the other hand, I could slap the snot out of him sometimes. He's an excellent button-pusher. Hmmm, wonder where he learned that? I love him as well, he's a mini-me in some ways. What's not to love? :p

  10. That's what mothers are for!! Mine irritates me at times and I know I irritate my girls! But in the end we all love eachother unconditionally!