Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Yesterday was a crap day and all of my pals reminded me that today was going to be a new day. It sure is and its Friday!! Even though my son has been awake since 7 am which is not the norm we have been very productive. With all the bull drama going on in my life that is trying to pull me down I decided to think of all the things I love.

**** these are in no particular order so stop the drama madness!!!****

1 My Husband and Son... awesomeness
2 My mom... even though well you know
3 My dogs... their smelly paws
4 The ocean... just sitting and watching the waves crash
5 Nature... even dirt!
6 Art... especially art that speaks to me
7 The moon... the super moon was amazing and it was on my bday
8 True Friends ... you know opposed to fake ones ;)
9 Being creative... its frustrating when I have a creative block, but it flows its amazing
10 Music... oh yes music makes my world complete xoxox

Yes there are many more things that I love, but I can't give them all away heehee. I can however show you some really cool handmade  and vintage items that I love and know that you will all love too.

Wooden Ear Plugs - 1 inch (2.54 cm)  Wooden Cut Out Boho Button
How cool are these ear plugs? Makes me wish I had ear plugs!! You can find more unique accessories here

Floral Halo Crown- Turquoise, White, and Grey -Whimsical vintage Renaissance
I absolutely adore this and would totally rock it!
Vintage Industrial Card Catalog Cabinet 26 Drawers and Pull Out Tray
I would use this to hold my art supplies.
Wood family brunch Kitchen wooden little people set.
I love wooden toys and so does my son. We could play with this for hours ;)
Mature World Atlas Adult Woman's Nude Body Tattoo Giclée Art Sew on 3 x 4in. Twill Patch Rare Sizes Free S/H MBG

The world as art <3

Ok Ok I should get back to doing house chores ( which I do not Love )


  1. The nude atlas woman is SO awesome!!
    Thank you for givn' my plugs some love too!

    Whenever I'm having a bad day, I try to channel my inner "Finding Nemo" and keep repeating the mantra "Just keep on swimming". ;)