Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So many times we pass off doing things laundry, making a call etc... and say ehhh I will do it tomorrow. Well what if tomorrow never came for you?
 You should ask yourself these questions today...
1- Have I accomplished enough in my life that if tomorrow never came I would have died happy?
2- Have I been kind enough to those in my life?
3- Have I said I love you to those important people in my life?
4- Have I made a difference?

I ask myself these questions and can't help but wonder if you ask yourself these questions too, or if you are that ignorant and miserable in your own life  that you are blind and can't see....


  1. I'd like to think I'm not ignorant, certainly not miserable... but, the way I see it... why complicate things... keep it simple.. Live your life to it's full potential.. it should be a given... happiness, kindness, love, nurture etc.. may be a shallow or simple view, but it's what works for me....... avoid the rest of the crap that's dished out and choose the right 'circle'... :O) ♥