Wednesday, September 26, 2012

well hello

Almost all settled in the new place minus a few small repairs still needed... like PAINT! Its all good wanted to move into a painted house,but hey whatever its almost complete. We still need dinning room chairs, patio furniture and thats about it. There is still so much dust in the house due to all the repairs not being complete which does not help with my allergies. Well besides being all settled I have done some "house cleaning" and not just getting rid of old , unwanted stuff... I have gotten rid of old, unwanted PEOPLE! Yup this is a new chapter in my life and some negative people are not welcome. Yes that may sound harsh, but I feel why cushion it? I am blunt, straight forward and always have been. 
We all know that I do things unconventionally, so why make rude remarks about it behind my back? Do I talk bad about how you are a lemming and follow what society tells you to do? No I do not... I believe each person makes the right choice for themselves. If we were all alike how would there be diversity? How would we be challenged? How would you fall in love? Without getting into detail I will just say Thank You for the time we have spent together, and I wish you all the best in the years to come.