Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So many times we pass off doing things laundry, making a call etc... and say ehhh I will do it tomorrow. Well what if tomorrow never came for you?
 You should ask yourself these questions today...
1- Have I accomplished enough in my life that if tomorrow never came I would have died happy?
2- Have I been kind enough to those in my life?
3- Have I said I love you to those important people in my life?
4- Have I made a difference?

I ask myself these questions and can't help but wonder if you ask yourself these questions too, or if you are that ignorant and miserable in your own life  that you are blind and can't see....

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Yesterday was a crap day and all of my pals reminded me that today was going to be a new day. It sure is and its Friday!! Even though my son has been awake since 7 am which is not the norm we have been very productive. With all the bull drama going on in my life that is trying to pull me down I decided to think of all the things I love.

**** these are in no particular order so stop the drama madness!!!****

1 My Husband and Son... awesomeness
2 My mom... even though well you know
3 My dogs... their smelly paws
4 The ocean... just sitting and watching the waves crash
5 Nature... even dirt!
6 Art... especially art that speaks to me
7 The moon... the super moon was amazing and it was on my bday
8 True Friends ... you know opposed to fake ones ;)
9 Being creative... its frustrating when I have a creative block, but it flows its amazing
10 Music... oh yes music makes my world complete xoxox

Yes there are many more things that I love, but I can't give them all away heehee. I can however show you some really cool handmade  and vintage items that I love and know that you will all love too.

Wooden Ear Plugs - 1 inch (2.54 cm)  Wooden Cut Out Boho Button
How cool are these ear plugs? Makes me wish I had ear plugs!! You can find more unique accessories here http://www.etsy.com/shop/PinkCupcakeJC?ref=seller_info

Floral Halo Crown- Turquoise, White, and Grey -Whimsical vintage Renaissance
I absolutely adore this and would totally rock it!
Vintage Industrial Card Catalog Cabinet 26 Drawers and Pull Out Tray
I would use this to hold my art supplies.http://www.etsy.com/listing/96161639/vintage-industrial-card-catalog-cabinet
Wood family brunch Kitchen wooden little people set.
I love wooden toys and so does my son. We could play with this for hours ;)http://www.etsy.com/listing/85823456/wood-family-brunch-kitchen-wooden-little
Mature World Atlas Adult Woman's Nude Body Tattoo Giclée Art Sew on 3 x 4in. Twill Patch Rare Sizes Free S/H MBG

The world as art <3 http://www.etsy.com/listing/94220522/mature-world-atlas-adult-womans-nude

Ok Ok I should get back to doing house chores ( which I do not Love )

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How is my day going you ask?

Hmmmm lets see I woke up to dog pee and vomit yay! Cleaned that up, changed my son who refused to be changed and screamed the entire time, walked the dogs, and then came back in and turned the coffee on for me. Oh what do you know another dog that I just took out decided to poop on the floor! Go clean that up and begin to figure out what my son wants to eat for breakfast. He decided on oat bran cereal so we sat on the couch because god forbid he will sit in his high chair anymore and he ate his cereal WOOHOO! When he is done he decides to fling his bowl on the floor so great another thing I get to clean up within the span of 30  minutes. Coffee is ready and still haven't grabbed a cup, nor anything for myself to eat. All done cleaning up the milk mess off the floor and my son is throwing a temper tantrum because he wants the bowl and spoon that he just threw on the floor yay! What do I do? I redirect... damn I am good at that, but it sure does get tiring. By the time I am done with redirecting and playing with him its been an hour and I still haven't had my coffee or breakfast. I say screw it and take a shower. My son decides to join me in the shower ( this is a new thing ) he had a good time, but refused to come out and get changed Go figure! This boy would rather be naked, well I would too. It is now lunch time and I still haven't had my breakfast and coffee. Time to get his food ready. he picks apple, pasta, grapes and cheese to eat. Hmmmm guess what he actually ate? Nothing gave it all to the dogs who then proceeded to vomit it back up yay! So I clean up the floor, walk the dogs again and try and get some etsy time in for me. This is not happening he is typing on the keyboard so I say never mind.  We play some more and then its time for his nap. Guess who is refusing to sleep ? On top of my wonderful non productive day, I am thinking about my family who doesn't get me, my shop that is in the crapper and how I need another vacation. Wow its only a little after 2 I sure can't wait to see how the rest of this wonderful day goes!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Here I go again writing about my life to a bunch of "strangers" BAHAHAHAHAHA...

Just got back from an amazing birthday vacation on Royal Caribbean's Oasis . I surely did not want to come back, but I guess I will make the best of it ;)   Here are a few pic enjoy...

Here I am sporting my grey stash at formal dinner night. The hubby and I dolled up in 50's attire it was a blast.

 This is a pic one of our friends took off their balcony. The view was amazing minus that Carnival ship ;)

My son and I playing in the Ocean at St. Thomas

Daddy and son time ( St. Thomas )

Yup I breast feed in public!

Sexy right?!

Well he found interest in our toothbrushes. Mine is the one in his mouth LOL

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A message from John Richard!

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