Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh So Fab

I love buying handmade items, but it is so hard to actually find an amazing shop throw the sea of sub-par. While browsing on etsy I found this great shop called Sarahs Fab Creations
I have never been disappointed in my purchases and have been back multiple times. Every item has been hand crafted to perfection, and oh my her fabric combinations are to die for. Here is a picture of just a few items that I use daily. Besides these I own three custom fabric baskets, two custom wet bags, a passport cover, hair band, boppy pillow, handbag and wallet. I have ever purchased gifts for others from her shop and will continue to do so. If she doesn't have the fabric you desire she will find it for you and she never over charges. Her prices are fair and in my opinion can probably go up. I urge you to check out her shop and browse her selections of goodies.